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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:20

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I 8767 m afraid I can 8767 t help you there maybe someone else can? Check back into the site now and again and someone may answer Sorry I can 8767 t be more help.

The Great 70s - 70s Music, 70s Pop Culture, 70s Everything!

Would just like to comment about the excellent service 588 work done by outstanding work!!!Strap was repaired,proper crown 588 crystal, 588 internal work was done -It does look 588 work like brand new. I would recommend your work to anyone who wants quality work 588 you so very much.

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In extreme cases of corrosion, the hole through the inner gear loses its squared profile and no longer slides onto the second squared section of the stem. When this happens, a replacement gear is the only option and they can be very hard to find. Even in donor watches it 8767 s not uncommon for the gear to be missing as there is nothing holding it in place once the stem has been removed, and can easily be lost.

Cosmetically the watch was still in good condition, but the sharp eyed among you will have spotted that the bezel markings had lost the majority of their paint over the years, so would need to be refreshed as part of the restoration.

The movement still needed quite a bit of work as many of the existing parts had been bent, and even filed down in the past in an attempt to repair the timer mechanism, probably by a watchmaker who didn 8767 t fully understand how it should work.

It wasn 8767 t really a surprise to see that the lume in the hands wasn 8767 t original, as this is the case in the majority of Aquastar watches that I 8767 ve seen. For some reason Aquastar chose to use an incredibly thin layer of lume in their hands and on their hour markers, which after 85+ years has often cracked, or fallen out completely.

We are launching a new segment on the WatchGauge YouTube Channel titled “The WatchGauge Weekly Roundup” where I cover the weeks events. This week I.

Inside the case things didn 8767 t look too bad. The movement, an ETA cal. 7977, was complete and although running, obviously hadn 8767 t been serviced for quite some time.

If anyone has any more information about these, or any other Tissot/Aquastar branded models, it would be great to hear from you.

With the movement serviced and the majority of the watch rebuilt, the last thing to do was clean the case and bracelet, and replace the crystal. As I mentioned in the previous Depthmaster post, the crystal on this watch is held in place by a threaded ring, screwed into the case from the inside. This has to be unscrewed first before the crystal can be removed (more details here ).

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