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And this is the most important part for Naruto in the challenge. NO ORANGE JUMPSUIT!! That thing is a menace to society and should be destroyed!!

Hollow Coldfang Dragonbound, Kiri stats, skills, evolution

To defeat such a foe, Kenshin is forced to return to Kyoto, the city of both his pain and the stronghold of Shishio. Along his journey to the Imperial Millennium Castle City, he gains the accompaniment of Makimachi Misao , a traveling ninja of Kyoto's Oniwabanshu in search of a missing Aoshi. Upon the discovery of a battered and bloodied Mishima Ei'ichirō , and the arrival of Saitō during the subduing of Shishio's residing forces, they witness both the atrocities Shishio's accomplishments have brought about, and the possible future that would come about under his iron fisted rule, in the hamlet of Shingetsu Village. Having broken his sakabato clashing swords with Sojiro the Tenken of Shishio's upper ranks, and realizing his strength is inefficient enough to stop Shishio without returning to the hitokiri within, Kenshin resumes his quest with a few new friends, a newfound resolve, and new tasks to stop his enemy.

Rurouni Kenshin (Manga) - TV Tropes

The techniques of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū have only been held by a select few through the course of it's entire history. This is due to its system of succession which involves a single master training a single apprentice exclusively. This master-apprentice dynamic continues to point of succession in which the apprentice graduates into his mastery through a special rite of passage, in which they inherit the style's secret technique (ōgi) and the mantle of "Hiko Seijūrō". This process, however, results in the death of the current master at the hands of the apprentice who must use of the this secret technique - Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki - against them. Succession also awards the newly-appointed master an heirloom mantle which acts as the certification of mastery. This special mantle is also weighted which enables the master to continuously train their strength when worn, even with everyday activities.

Outside of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, Kenshin has displayed independent sword techniques which are indicative of his own acquired skills:

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The downside of the bloodline is that at a age the scales are not fully developed and can be easily penetrated by the strong thrust of a sword, small cuts such as knives that really do much to the person but a slash will result in receiving an injury.

A bloodline limit of the Namikaze clan that had been given to them by the Shunshin (Flash Goddess) herself. The bloodline grants the person the ability to move at godlike speeds and some could go just as fast or faster than the speed of light itself. The bloodline is what made Namikaze Minato a legend among the Shinobi since it was due to this bloodline along with his expertise in seals that give him the nickname Kiiroi no Senko (Yellow Flash). The bloodline is also similar to the Senju Bloodline Limit Ten'on because the body is capable of withstanding the intense pressure of going at such incredible speeds without repercussions. Ironically the name for their bloodline came from an ancient technique that was utilized in the practice of the Hiten Mitsurugi no Ryu. (Credit goes to Legend of the Kyuubi for the creation of this bloodline and thank you for letting me use it).

Kenshin and Enishi follows and after an exhausting duel that lasts for several chapters, Kenshin wins by exploiting Enishi, as he has no defense when using his nerves of insanity. Kenshin and Kaoru return home to live together for the rest of their lives.

Samurai X: Reflection is an "epilogue" to the series. Set long after the series' end, the movie expands upon a series' summary of Kamiya Kaoru's perspective of events, and on the future of a battle weary Kenshin ravaged by a life threatening disease. Many consider its depiction of Kenshin's future, including Nobuhiro Watsuki, uncanon, mainly due to lack of creative input from its series' creator and his objections to how Kenshin was treated overall through the film.

This blade was forged from the fangs of Ryugin, A celestial dragon who's powers were on par with that of the Juubi. The fangs were forged by the Yougan Ryu who added a rare metal called adamant to the sword making it indestrctible and is the brother blade of Shinken no Ryū (Divine Sword of the Dragon. It's power is on par with the Jotei no Hanone (Fang of the Lords). It's a sentient blade that can only be wielded by one of pure heart but if used by one who possesses ill intent will be incenerated by the swords white flames. It's said that these flames were hotter than Amateratsu's and that it was so powerful that the heat alone can cause second to third degree burns on contact.

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