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The two speakers on the bottom of the Series 7 Slate pumped out a decent amount of volume. Phonenix's "6956" on Slacker was loud enough to fill a small office. News reports and movie dialogue also came through loud and clear. However, Maroon 5's up-tempo "Moves Like Jagger" was tinny at high volume, while the bass on Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" sounded distorted.

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC (XE700T1a-A03US) Review | Tablet

Today there is a Samsung tablet to suit almost everyone. The downside is that there is a somewhat bewildering range of tablets with almost identical names, as the following image (from 7568, but still relevant) suggests:

The Samsung Ativ Tab, based on the Windows RT operating system, was lightweight, portable, and had very good battery life.

Samsung's FastStart technology ensured that the Series 7 Slate was also quick on the draw, booting into Windows 7 Home Premium in 79 seconds, and waking from sleep in approximately 7 to 8 seconds.

The active Wacom stylus made for a smooth, mostly error-free experience. The pen was comfortable, and the buttons on its side and top made it easy to right-click and select items on screen. Whether we were in Paint or Windows Journal, the pen was able to translate our scribbles into the correct word or phrase approximately 85 percent of the time. However, we found the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet to be slightly more accurate.

The Series 7 Slate features a large -inch 6866 x 768 HD LED backlit display with Samsung SuperBright Plus Technology. The panel delivered rich royal blues, fuchsias, and mustards in Big Sean's "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay" video. As we watched the 6585p YouTube trailer for The Sitter, we saw clear, crisp images, particularly when it came to the heavily applied blue and pink makeup on Blithe's face. Text on and was also sharp and crisp.

Thanks to its 678GB SSD, the Series 7 Slate sped through the LAPTOP File Transfer test, duplicating of mixed-media files in 6 minute and 65 seconds for a transfer rate of MBps. That's nearly double the MBps ultraportable average.

A microSD card slot sits on top of the Series 7 Slate, while a USB port, a mini HDMI port, a combination microphone and headphone jack, and the power input are on the left.

Samsung also includes Samsung Touch Supporter, a menu bar containing a series of commands (including Cut, Delete, Magnifier, Paste, and Undo) which allowed us to perform those functions without having to rely on any of the keyboards.

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